Logo of the Blockchain for Science Con 2018 in Berlin Blockchain for Science Con 2018 in Berlin

5-6 NOV 2018
in NHOW Berlin

The 1st international Conference on Blockchain for Science, Research and Knowledge Creation

will be held on 5-6 November in NHOW Hotel Berlin.

... we are happy to announce the recording and livestreaming (by the aweseom team of Cyberacademy) of the whole event!

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The Future of Research is 'decentral' - but what does this actually mean?

The first international conference on the liberation of not only research data and publications, but the whole scientific process. Ideally, it will reestablish the trust in research results, solve aspects of the reproducibility crisis.

Blockchain - the Trust and Value Chain

The Blockchain revolution will greatly affect how research money is distributed and the value flow within the network. There can be competing research incentivation structures, with little media breaches so to free resources that can be spend on scientific inguinity instead of empty conduct. It is really about, building the new (open) science ecosystem. A science ecosystem without artificially constraining business models and legacy, overhead creating bureaucratic structures.

Building and structuring the Open Science Ecosystem now

More then 30 projects worldwide are working on the implementation of Blockchain for Research and now is the time to steer the community into the right directions, so to prevent walled-gardens and silos over data and to encourage a healthy competition over accessible UIs, freeing business models, effective work flows, token economies, etc.. Problems have to be solved, standards have to be defined, etc. How do we manage identities, certificates, how do we adopt the current legal system? What is actually 'Blockchain' in research?

To onboard the whole Research Community

After a series of early meetups and unconferences, this conference onboards the whole research community. The target group includes not only those that were traditionally interested in science communication and online tech, but all ranging from trusted research hardware producers, data brokers, blockchain developers, IP laywers, science funders, blockchain techies with interest in research, science culture and economists, game theoretists as well as scientists with an interest in research motivation and incentivation.


From the Community with the Community - it will be huge

It is organized by the vivid community and BFS Blockchain for Science GmbH. More than 120 (as of 10/15) scientists, researchers, publishers, consultants, investors, lawyers, trailblazers, developers, founders, techies, politicans, liberians and policy makers are coming to learn, teach, discuss and network. People from Korea, Australia, Singapore, North America, Turkey, Europe are gathering to dicuss the Open Science Ecosystem of the future. More than 10 Blockchain for Science projects will be present.

Sponsored by:

ETH Library

Digital Science
Digital Science





EUREKA Library lab

In cooperation with:

Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG)

IBFS - International Society of Blockchain For Science

Berlin Science Week

APE 2019

Partnering with:



National Federation of Advanced Information Services

For information, presentations, early projects, sponsorships, donations, registration and exhibition
please write to: info@blockchainforsciencecon.com

Scientific & Outreach Committee

Dr. Martin Etzrodt - Head of scientific committee

Principal Researcher Akasha Foundation

PD Dr. Sönke Bartling - Founder & Organizer

Mihai Alisie

Akasha.world Founder, Ethereum Cofounder

Dr. Mehdi Benchoufi

Blockchain For Clinical Trials specialist. Assistant Professor, Clinical Epidemiology Center, Hôtel Dieu Hospital, Paris

Eoghan O Carragáin

Head of Research and Digital Services, UCC Library, Ireland & DaMaHub

Prof.Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl

Director, Department of Experimental Neurology, Charité, Berlin

Dr. Benedikt Fecher

Head of Research: Knowledge Dimension. Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society – HIIG, Berlin

Prof.Dr. Konrad Förstner

ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences, Cologne, Germany and TH Köln, Cologne, Germany

Prof.Dr. Sascha Friesike

Associate Researcher, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society – HIIG, Berlin

Lambert Heller

Head, Open Science Lab, German National Library of Science and Technology ( TIB), Hannover

Robert Peters

Technology director at ORCID.org

Prof.Dr. Lawrence Rajendran

Founder and CEO of ScienceMatters, Institute of Regenerative Medicine, University of Zürich

Denis Parfenov

Founder of DaMaHub, Open Knowledge Ireland, Open Data Governance Board

Dr. Joris van Rossum

Director, Special Projects, Digital Science, London

Prof.Dr. Philipp Sandner

Head of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Prof.Dr. Björn Scheuermann

Chair of Computer Engineering at Humboldt University of Berlin

Prof.Dr.Dr. Thomas Schildhauer

Research Director, Internet-enabled Innovation, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society – HIIG, Berlin

Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler

Partner, DWF Germany Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Skwarek

Technische Informatik, Fakultät Life Sciences, HAW Hamburg

Massimiliano Picone

Founder at Fermi.xyz - Cosmic Blockchain Solutions

Prof. Dr. Ali Sunyaev

http://www.aifb.kit.edu/web/Ali_Sunyaev/en test: Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods (AIFB, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT))

Dr. Jon Tennant

Rogue scientist, Founder of the Open Science MOOC

Mahoney Turnbull

Women in Blockchain Startup Bus

Dr. Shermin Voshgmir

Founder BlockchainHub. Director of the Research Institute for Crypto Economics at the Vienna University of Economics