Logo of the Blockchain for Science Con 2018 in Berlin Blockchain for Science Con 2018 in Berlin

5-6 NOV 2018
in NHOW Berlin

First Announcement:

The 1st international Conference on Blockchain for Science, Research and Knowledge Creation will be held on 5-6 November in NHOW Berlin. Organized by PD Dr. Sönke Bartling (Blockchain for Science GmbH) and Arnoud de Kemp (digiprimo GmbH) under the Auspices of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG)

and it is part of the Berlin Science Week.

For information, presentations, early projects, sponsorships, donations, registration and exhibition
please write to: info@blockchainforsciencecon.com
Pre Blockchain for Science Con Social Event on Sunday, 4 November 2018 in the heart of Kreuzberg. Café Nest, Görlitzer Strasse 52, 10997 Berlin.
Doors open from 14:00 hrs. No reservations, but please tell us that you come (Meetup)

Knowhow in NHOW

The 1st international Conference on Blockchain for Science, Research and Knowledge Creation on 5-6 November 2018 in NHOW Berlin

Topics: Blockchain for Science, Living Knowledge Network, P2P Science, ICOs for Science Funding, New Data Handling Paradigms, Continous & Blockchain Attributed Publishing, Curiosity & Romance, Immutable Data Trailing, Research Subject Privacy, Cryptoeconomy in Science, IP and Blockchain, Connecting the IoRT (Internet of Research Things), Future of Science, Tokenized Data Market Places, Research Motivation, Open Science, Trusted Hardware, User Autonomy, Blockchain & Peer-review, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Cryptoeconomy in Science, Healthcare Research, Lean Culture, Alternative Science Funding Methods, Decentralized Publishing, AI Training & Blockchain, Overhead Reduction.

This is the first international conference on Blockchain in Science and Knowledge Creation. Almost all parts of the scientific conduct, ranging from data acquisition, post-processing to publication, intellectual property, research incentivisation and money distribution might be affected by the blockchain revolution. The time is now to structure this revolution so that it takes routes that are most beneficial for science and knowledge creation as early as possible, so to avoid dead ends, silos and limiting business models. At this conference we want to bring all interest groups together, to share, educate and identify synergisms for this aim.

As the ‘trust machine’ Blockchain in Science bears the potential to reestablish trust into scientific data. Some claim that it might even be good to fix the reproducibility crisis. New ways to rethink research subject privacy and whole data marketplaces are on the horizon. Blockchain might even play a large role in scientific publishing, where it questions the current role and business models of scientific publishers. New ways to incentivise peer-review or reproduction of results may arise.

As a mean to transfer monetary value, not only innovative and flexible research money distribution methods can be imagined, and one could completely rethink the appreciation of micro-contributions, sharing of ideas and concepts. Whole ‘science token’ frame works are currently being designed for that and many important and potentially highly influential questions need to be worked out now, e.g. how ‘negative’ results will be valued.

Bringing us to the cryptoeconomy in science. Astonishing ICO crowdfunding campaigns happened, and the first ones occurred for research. While many issues (legal, transparency, etc) remain unclear, it is clear, that this phenomenon will stay. This might make the blockchain revolution in science so different from other revolutions before: This time funding is affected! Why not invest in the scientific value of a project, instead of the potential applied value of a project? Those seemingly crazy value propositions might be an approach to overcome the innovator's dilemma and might lead us into an innovation heavy society.

On the edges, social, cultural, copyright questions will be discussed. A solution cannot be fully decentralized, integer and fast at the same time, so we will have to discuss technical questions with their cultural impact. Furthermore, we will ask ourselves, what blockchain actually is and whether there is really something fundamentally new behind it, or whether it just brings the right things together and the time is right for fundamental changes …

We will support big thinking, ‘crazy concepts’ and fun in our serendipity day. We want to support early stage projects and companies as much as we want to bring the established players to the table. In the ‘serious business’ day (see internet meme ‘serious business’) we will bow to the responsibility of us scientists that we have not only to the single research subjects, but to society as a whole.