Monday (11/4th)


Registration Opens

Breakfast (provided)



Opening / Housekeeping / Last year in Blockchain For Science (PD Dr. Sönke Bartling)

11:00 - 12:35

New Deals on Funding Science

Blockchain For Science Funding (Paul Kohlhaas)

30 min incl. Q&A

Reimaging the Science Commons (Michael Zargham)

30 min incl. Q&A

One Year of Real World Experiences with Blockchain For Funding Science (Alex Shkor)

15 min incl. Q&A

Recap of Cryptoeconomic Summit/ Cryptoeconomic Journal 

20 min incl. Q&A


    Networking, hacking

    Lunch (provided)


    New Deals on Data

    Last minute change: Token networks & announcements (Peter Ruppel, CODE University)

    10 min incl. Q&A

    Ocean Protocol for (research) data (Markus Jones)

    40 min incl. Q&A

    How the convergance of Blockchain and artificial intelligence will benefit healthcare researchers (Konstantin Pandl)

    20 min incl. Q&A


      Networking, hacking

      Coffee / soft drinks provided


      New Deals on Funding Science

      Cryptoeconomics For Science Workshop / How-To / Hands on Discussion (Devon Krantz)

      1 h give or take


        Evening Event / Open Meetup

        BEER REVIEW - Everyone is welcome - Pizza & drinks & Music cosponsored by Ocean Protocol

        Powering open research with crowdsourced data (Dev Pramoth)

        Tuesday (11/5th)


        Doors open

        Breakfast (provided)


        New Deals to cross worlds

        Decentralizing peer reviewing to increase transparency, quality and reliability (Elena P ́erez Tirador)

        15 min incl. Q&A

        Blockchain for STEM: Strategies for extending a decentralized science infrastructure for universities in Asia (Wong Woe Fuh)

        15 min incl. Q&A

        Introducing blockchain to academia: why scientists are so hostile and wary – and what can we do about it (Artyom Kosmarski)

        20 min incl. Q&A

        10:00 - 11:00

        New Deals on Decentralization

        DLT4RTD - Distributed Ledger Technology for Ressearch & Technology Development (Prof. Jens Ducree)

        30 min incl. Q&A

        Current status on the regulation of Cryptoassets, Tokens and how to move forward (Dr. Nina Siedler, DWF, Board member of

        30 min incl. Q&A


          Quick coffee

          Coffee & Breakfast (provided)


          New Deals on Publishing

          Backend Keynote: On Max-Plancks-Digital Library Bloxberg Blockchain For Science initiative, status and outlook (James Florian Lawton)

          30 min incl. Q&A

          Frontend Keynote: How Researchers benefit from Artifacts and Bloxberg (Dave Kochalko)

          15 min incl. Q&A

          Workshop / Hands on: Integrating the Blockchain into Research & Publishing Workflows (Jason Rollins)

          30 min

          Lightning talk (Abstract 004): Where reproducible research meets the blockchain:
 and ARTiFACTS(Servet Ahmet Çizmeli)

          5 min

          Lightning Talk (Abstract 007): Integrating bloxberg‘s „Proof of Existence“ service with MATLAB (Kevin Wittek)

          5 min


            Networking / Hacking

            Lunch (provided)


            New Deals on Infrastructure

            Keynote: Personal data & Blockchain & Privacy laws & Regulation (Michelle Tsing)

            40 min incl. Q&A

            ISCC Similarity hashing for digital content identification in decentralized environements (Titusz Pan)

            30 min incl. Q&A

            The path to self-sovereign identity (SSI) in research (Lambert Heller)

            30 min incl. Q&A

            Reuse of research data through blockchain based automated quality curation (Simon Tschirner)

            20 min incl. Q&A


              Closing coffee 

              "Serendipity Price" and "Serious Business Price" 

              Price comitee: Prof. Jens Ducree, Artyom Kosmarski, James Florian Lawton

               Closing Remarks (Sönke Bartling)

              5 min max


              Space closes